About Short Sales

Short sales are a cheaper option than foreclosing on a property and selling it as an REO in many instances.  A short sale is the process and/or the property that is sold for less than what is owed to the lender.

When someone wants to sell their home there are many costs that are involved in the sale of the property.  If the loan is more than the house is worth, the lender must decide whether they want to negotiate with a potential buyer or start (or complete) the foreclosure.

This process is complicated because the lender does not own the house.  They must work through the owner/borrower.  The lender wants to be sure that the seller/borrower cannot make the payments and does not have money available to pay the bank what is owed.  The lender wants to be sure that there is good reason why the borrower is not making the payments.  So they require the borrower/owner to complete financial statements and document their earnings.  The lender also wants to know what the current market value is for the home.  Finally, they want to know that the new buyer can qualify and purchase the home.

Today, short sales can take months to negotiate and work through the lender process.  While the popularity of short sales has grown, the process takes time, patience, knowledge and often is not completed successfully. 

Call or email us.  We can help you with this process.  We will provide you with a FREE, private consultation and assessment of your individual needs.  We are certified negotiators for loan modifications and short sales.  We can handle the entire process from initiation, loan modification or short sale to a successful resolution for you.  

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