Business Philosophy

A Standard of Excellence
A Philosophy of business
A way of life
The Top Dog REO Team start and end each day with the same thought in mind, creating success for our clients. Our Standard of Excellence is incorporated into everything we do as a REO team. The principles that evolved from this philosophy guide us through every transaction.
In the persuit of excellence, The Top Dog REO Team is never content with being average or good. Instead, we challenge ourselves to excel. We are focused and determined to provide solutions which bring our clients the most money in the quickest time possible. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in the way we operate our business every day.
Operations - Efficiency...Flexibility...Accessibility
The Top Dog REO Team recognizes that success demands a strong foundation that includes an organized system of procedures. Because every detail is important we created a meticulous, step by step operation manual that ensures proficiency throughout the team. We utilize state of the art REO management software that makes certain our procedures are applied efficiently. Our team members bring the human element to our systems allowing the flexibility needed to respond to specific client requirements.

Surrounded by the innovative Silicon Valley, The Top Dog REO Team possess the technology necessary to be accessible to our clients. We answer our phones, return voice mails and reply to e-mails quickly. Our fast-paced market demands it.
Members of The Top Dog REO Team are hand selected by Bonnie & Joe and undergo a stringent screening process. Because the REO landscape is continually adjusting to market conditions, our team is involved in frequent continuing training.

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